My lunch today was really simple as it always is but it was healthier than usual(when I'm really lazy haha.) I saw that we had spinach in the fridge so I figured I would use some and then I saw spam so I cooked that, peeled carrots and washed the spinach. After thirty minuter or so(just because I am a really slow peeler and cutter,) I had my salad. After eating my salad, I made a banana shake(what's the difference between a smoothie and a shake?) I finished it all, surprisingly, the shake...there was just too much of the salad, I did finish the spinach though :) I honestly prefer my green mango shake but my parents didn't buy any mangoes, not even the yellow ones :( It took me so long to get the green mango shake to taste good, I can't not love it haha. I honestly had no idea how to make a green mango shake before I searched it on google haha I didn't know what to add to the mangoes to make the liquid...who knew it was as simple as water? I knew it couldn't be milk, at least haha.


gigi said…
try it with milk and sugar... i did and it taste good. I have a tough stomach and it didn't really bother me.... he he
Chariz said…
Oh I thought it would be bad to mix something sour and milk together...isn't that bad? haha I'll try it in a few days, when I can drink cold stuff again.

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