"Story of my life"

Since I posted that little thing earlier,
                   I guess I can say that losing friends is the "story of my life," I have lost so much, yet I haven't gained any new ones. Not counting the family that I am now a little closer to :) Hopefully they feel the same way.
         I have also always wanted my parents to consider my friends as their "adopted kids," just like they did with my sister's friends.  One of my sister's friends even called my parents papa & mama! I was always jealous of that closeness my parents had with my sister's friends. When will that happen to me or with my friends?
      Just a little venting I needed to do, sorry for all the depressing posts ate Ghie, since you're the only who reads this, sorry!  I miss you! I was touching ate Lanie's belly earlier and I just really wished I could touch yours too and feel Sab moving...Only a few more years to wait...


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