Noreen's Sweet Sixteen

My sister Magnolia singing to Noreen.
They're all super close! They have a picture of all three of them, just not in my camera haha.

Order from left to right:Noreen, me, Noreen, Judea. Second picture, the girl in the pink is Karen.
I guess she's now legally our cousin? haha my sisters with Audrey, our cousin's wife :)

Of course, since there was a party, we had to take a lot of pictures! Me :)
My friend, Karen.

Just having fun with sister's and their significant others & my cousin with hers :)

I liked this effect too :)

My sisters with Marice, my cousin who is an amazing photographer :) 

Noreen's party was a lot of fun, and it was full of surprises. She had it all, dancing, singing, and of course, eating! Her dad even surprised her by singing to her along with my little cousin and sister. I must have been eating or I may have just been instructed to sit during those numbers because I wasn't able to capture them. My amazing photographer cousin did take pictures and even made a video. Which is right here:   To see more of what she could do, go here  or here  Her youtube channel is : she made videos of past christmas parties and our tubing trip.


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