LBI: Call Us Beautiful!

No one wanted to go on the rocks at first, so she was the "first penguin" :)

We went to Long Beach Island on a Monday so there weren't that much people...I really got darker...everyone else was just tanner haha. I wasn't originally in on the plan to go to the beach that day, the reason why my bathing suit is one from years ago haha. I literally was given only 45 min. to get ready. We also didn't plan on visiting the lighthouse, it was just a spontaneous thing. We didn't really get to go up it because it was already getting late by the time we got there. It was just the perfect time actually when we got there because the sun was setting. I didn't want to change the pictures too much because I fell in love with the colors captured :) I only played around with the exposure and brightness and contrast of the pictures, there is probably two or so that I did use other effects on and they're quite obvious. The car ride there wasn't as long as I expected it to be, I'm definitely making it a goal to come back there before summer is over this year <3 We took way more pictures than that but some were more playful and fiercer, and my aunt didn't want too much of the pictures to be public so I didn't put them here. The title is from Megan Nicole's song, Beautiful :)


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