New York

It really was that bad that day....

The things you see in New York...haha

We ate at Bubba Gump :) I passed their Forrest Gump test of course! <3

Since it was practically midnight, the subway was empty! <3

I can honestly say that I didn't take this! haha In all fairness to the guy, I don't know how he survived without enough clothes on, it was pretty chilly that day!...

There were two of these things, and when we passed by the first one, we had to stop at the second one, until other people started stopping too and started to take pictures of themselves as well :)

We decided to go to a comedy bar after walking around. :)
The trip to New York was an enjoyable one.  It was a long one though. A lot of the time we spent in New York was waiting in the car, it was super traffic! Once we got to North Jersey to take the train, that was when things started to speed up and be fun. Most of the pictures are taken by me and my sister, Chrisa.  It was a terrible day, what started out as a sunny day became a foggy and rainy day. My sisters and I, specially my oldest sister and I were dressed in our best summer clothing. In the end, we had to make a few outfit changes to satisfy the temperature change we experienced. This trip is also one that is long overdue, this was back in May, I think it was May 16th actually, of this year :)

Here's a video for proof of how bad the rain was haha


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