New Year's Eve/New Year's Day

My brother's family :)

Lexis &Cyris

Cyris with my two sisters.

Using the babies as props :)

Right after the countdown, we went to my cousin's house to celebrate!
There was, of course, a lot of singing! :)
Getting ready for the party, my brother and my sisters :)

Us again, in age order, without our oldest sister.

Family dinner

Family pictures

the pictures are not in any way in order, somehow the ones that should be last are ending up first, oh well. New Year's was a lot of fun, although it started off with just the immediate family, we had to end it with the whole clan! Since the cousin who's house we used for the New Year Party had to drop off people to the airport, our party was cut short, otherwise we would have stayed there until the morning! There were definitely a lot more people at the house, they just didn't interact too much with us, so they didn't end up with pictures. Hopefully next time they will be comfortable enough with us :)


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