July 17, 2011

Today, my sister and I watched my other sister sing for an "open mic" day. It was different, but fun to go to. There weren't that much people there, and it's probably because it's mid-July and everyone is enjoying their summer vacation. My sister did really well, but I may be a little biased haha she didn't have any major mistakes anyway, only noticeable if you really know the song...the other people who performed also did amazing! :) I would have taken pictures if I didn't feel stalker-ish or weird. Anyway, one of the performers is someone who was in two of my classes in my three years of high school :) I already knew she was a great singer, but seeing her live and just singing was different. I have seen her perform in our school musicals, but there she has lines and a different persona, she's also an amazing actress :), this time, it was all her. I will definitely miss her in the school, she is one of the friendliest people in Highland!
The trash bags behind Lex prove how much we had to throw away from our backyard...

My absolute favorite :)

This is another favorite!
           After my sister's performance, we stayed a little longer, until we got hungry, and just couldn't take the damage our ears were getting from the band that last played, it wasn't a bad song, it was just the drums and guitars were really loud and we were really close to the stage in a smaller room. You can still hear them outside the building! When we got home, we had a little bit of family bonding, like ten minutes haha. My brother and my dad cleaned our backyard all day. Our backyard isn't exactly small and organized in the first place, so they really needed the whole day to get things done. My sisters and I went outside when my brother was getting ready to leave with my nephew, so I took the chance to take pictures, of the people who would let me. My parents don't have pictures, they were both inside the cars when I was taking pictures, so I couldn't. There are pictures of my nephew, a picture of my brother, and pictures of my sisters, my sister's boyfriend doesn't have a picture either...oops.  Well yeah, and there are no pictures of me because I don't know why actually lol. I thought I looked alright enough to get a picture, I guess not, hahaa. The quality of these pictures won't be as good as the previous pictures, we had to change the setting on the camera earlier to get my sister's performance on video....I definitely learned a lesson today, always look at a picture after it is taken! I took so much and they all ended up being dark, but it was nothing picnik couldn't fix! :)

Here is her performance:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hs_YdCO1e10


gigi said…
wow, i love the pics. thanks for the link I kinda posted it in FB... he he

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