Wicked...another post from 2012

Two months ago, on February 29, 2012 (leap day!) My sister, my two cousins, and I went to New York City to watch Wicked, the Musical on Broadway!
  • Go to New York early
  • Hope it doesn't rain
  • wear appropriate clothing
  • be ready for a lot of walking/running(if you're late)
  • carry coin/dollar bills or little bills if you plan on going on the subway, specially if you don't plan on using your credit card
  • bring lots of money
  • bring your camera and your memory card!
  • have a lot of energy, you don't want to be falling asleep while you're in the City!
  • wear easy to carry bags
  • limit what you put into your bags, only things that are absolutely necessary
  • listen to the music of whatever show you're going to watch (not like you haven't been listening to it for weeks before that day anyway, it won't hurt to little to it any more times :) this will also help you get yourself ready)
  • charge your cellphones, just in case you get lost or you lose your group.
  • if you like bright colors, wear something bright (it's easier to follow someone who is wearing something blue or pink than someone wearing black.)
  • study the subway system 
  • know where you're going and how you're getting there
  • go to New York midday
  • spend all your money on food (I'm so guilty of this, its not even funny)
  • wear rain boots if you're going to go up and down stairways (unless you aren't affected by the stiffness of the rain boots, I felt like I was going to do something to hurt my ankle or something, it was annoying to go down the stairs, it was easier, way easier to go up the steps, but going down is a completely different story haha)
  • panic if at the subway, your ticket, newly purchased, doesn't work and doesn't let you go through, there should be a nice man/woman in a booth who is willing to help you. Just ask for help and listen to directions. A gate, is really a gate (I totally thought that the guy was clearing me to go through the normal way, there is a gate because the tickets sometimes truly don't work! You're not the only one :)
  • Assume that an hour is enough time to eat, even during a weekday.
  • forget to mention to your waiter if you are trying to get to a place by a certain time, they could advise you to go somewhere else and try to do something for you.
  • try to shovel all the food in your mouth
  • think you can eat your food inside the theater, you really can't haha
  • lose track of time
  • forget to silence your phone if you're going to watch a Broadway show
  • let other people distract or ruin your Broadway experience
  • compare the voices of the cast that you are watching to the voices of the Original Casting, each show is different, and each actor/actress interprets songs differently.
  • blog about it 2 months after (you will forget some details, details that you really wanted to share!) 
Wicked was everything I expected and more! From the beginning, when "No One Mourns the Wicked" started playing, it felt like I couldn't sit still in my seat, until the end, when I didn't want to leave at all. I hope you are lucky enough that when you watch your first Broadway musical, there isn't a brat who refuses to get off her cellphone or at least hide her phone from everyone's sight...These pictures are not all taken by me, most of them, actually are not taken by me, just a few...
Excuse my face, it was a rainy day and my hair never is how I want it to be....

Since we were in a hurry, we don't really know if the sushi was truly good or we were just really hungry! It seemed good though :)

Everyone says it's undeniable how much we look like each other, I never believed it...

Cousins :)


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