love story

I remember someone at Albright telling me about her parents' love story. She had, so far, lived a life a lot of people would love to live. Her parents love traveling and before meeting each other, they traveled the world. The mother and the father traveled in opposite directions and met somewhere in the middle of their home country, Germany. This girl told me that her parents traveled the world and tried to satisfy the wanderlust in their systems only to find a greater feeling at home. Her parents lived just one town away from each other. My parents don't have such a colorful love story, but I know they love each other. I just wish they had the same passion for traveling as I am starting to develop. The girl from Albright is also well traveled. It's so odd to think that she would pick Reading, Pennsylvania of all places. Her story may start there, I know mine didn't.

there's yet again no reason for this post...
just another day in class


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