Different Scenarios

I always wonder how differently my life would be if I stayed in the Philippines. There are a lot of different circumstances in which I imagine myself in. There's the one in which my oldest sister and I imagined a year before I left. We imagined happy times. She would take care of me and it would be like her getting a run at motherhood very early on. We would be spoiled by our parents because back then, we thought that once people go to America, they earn a lot of money. Well, there goes that, I've been here for ten years and we're probably struggling more. There's the other scenario where my whole family stayed instead of moving. There's yet another in which I go back and connect with people, even for just a little bit. The last scenarios are harder to really think about. I can only imagine so far, but I have nothing else to really go by. If I had more imagination, it might not be that hard.


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