from 2012 that was never published

The month of May, and the earlier days of June are and were all about graduation and college. Prom has passed by and now, there is nothing to look forward to other than graduation, and of course, Summer!!! :) May 17, 2012, was the day when the top class of Highland Regional High School received scholarships and awards to help us finance the burden of college. The school, as part of tradition, gave the seniors an awards banquet, and as far as I know, the other banquet for the more athletic student of the senior class is sometime this week. That morning, I was invited to a luncheon at a restaurant in Deptford, Adelphia's, for a rotating scholarship I was going to receive. The requirements for the scholarship wasn't very particular, so I didn't feel so special, yes, I felt very lucky, but not special...I'm spoiled that way I guess. During the luncheon, when the president of the organization gave fourteen of us our checks, I realized that although the requirements weren't that particular, the people who also received the scholarship were very striven and they were the ones that people would expect to succeed in life. The people who were receiving their awards, mostly wanted to be engineers and they just took part in everything they could in their school and community. There is always something in me that when I think and hear of others' achievements and contributions, makes me think very low of myself. Whoever wrote up the write up for me made me sound like I was very determined and focused as well, just like my peers. I also seemed like I was involved, specially in the community, since I am part of Big Brother Big Sister. The scholarship was worth $1000 and I was very thankful of everyone who helped me receive the scholarship, the organization themselves for helping fourteen of us out, my school secretaries, my guidance counselor of course, and my parents who went with me and took personal days off from their jobs on a Thursday.... I invited with me to the luncheon, (because the nice people of the organization let me), my parents of course, and my guidance counselor! :) The banquet at night, I went with my parents again, of course, but since, everyone else from school, at least the ones receiving awards were invited, my cousin went as well with her mom and my uncle and aunt. I had thought that the school was just going to acknowledge the scholarship I received from the Luncheon, but it turned out that I was to receive another one, one that recognized the achievement of mine which was keeping my grades above average, the requirements for this scholarship was much much more selective though, it was a scholarship that only went to Filipinos, and luckily, out of four of us, I was picked.


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