It is seriously too easy for me to blame my parents and that has to be the most horrible thing about me. I guess it's parents' way of being martyrs. They let their children put the blame on them to make things easier for their children. If someone can't find someone to blame, they probably start to think about themselves and what the child him or her self have done. I have unfortunately blamed not having money for college on my parents. Taking the social welfare class does make me rethink things. The way of life my family is currently in is very foreign to my parents. I need to start thinking just how scary it is to have to start anew in a country at an age where they had gotten used to doing the same things on a daily basis. It must have truly been hard transitioning not only to the climate change, but practically the whole way of living.
  • My parents had to go from being independent to being dependent
  • they had to go from knowing the area to being clueless
  • they had to go from living on their own to living with other people
  • they went from being able to confidently voice out whatever was on their mind to questioning the way they strung words together 
  • they lost their privacy
  • they went from being parents to being the children again


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