Little Things That Made Me Happy Today

All these people appreciated it, and they made me happy by showing their appreciation :)

You might not see it, but it says 79 notes!!! :) 
 I know that 79 notes doesn't mean 79 people liked it, more than a few liked and re-blogged it! :) Just shows that some people liked it enough to do something that amounted to 79 notes, if that makes sense haha This is the first picture that got so much love that I put, I'm new at this, and I thought the picture wasn't that special because of the billboards and such, but people still appreciate and felt something when they looked at it.

I also was able to sleep for an extra six hours today! :) I pretty much went to sleep again, seeing as that is precisely how much sleep I get each night. I was able to also walk home today because it was really warm out. :) I didn't get invited to eat lunch with my friends, but that's fine, I'm broke anyway.


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