His idea totally, I was just sitting on the couch with the camera next to me and he went on top of my lap and did that pose after saying, "picture" :)

The only picture I could take of him, he's not as  camera comfortable as Lex :)

This was while we were waiting to get picked up to go to a restaurant, every time he sees the camera, he just always asks me take pictures of him! 

So, although he doesn't look as much of a Nicdao as Cyris does, Lexis is definitely a Nicdao (but he does look like my brother, when he was a baby, sometimes). He's just as in love with having his pictures taken as his dad and I guess us haha. The hat he was wearing was not his, it was his mom's, but he somehow still found a way to wear it the best way possible! :) This probably makes me seem like a mom haha I totally love how comfortable he is in front of the camera, though. If only he was already like this for his second birthday photoshoot! It def. would have made things much easier on me and my sister. I would definitely have pictures of Cyris as well if only he did like getting his picture taken too, and if he liked going to the house, but that's not the case.  Ate Ghie, feel free to upload your favorite pictures on Facebook, I'm going to forget to post this album when I can go on facebook again, and I don't want to seem like such an auntie haha or seem like a mommy! Yikes! haha


Anonymous said…
he's so adorable... and he's sweet too... gosh he's just like Sabrina... they both love the camera... i can't wait to see Cyris and Lexis... and of course you hahaha
Chariz said…
Haha, well thanks for remembering me still! He is adorable and sweet...he would be like Sabrina if she also loved being rough too haha he is not scared of falling or getting hurt, and you know that he is truly hurt when he falls if he cries after..

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