Family Bonding

The yummy mangoes!! :)

Our dinner that night, not my favorite kind of bulgogi, but that's also bulgogi :)
I was really lazy that day so other than the flower show pictures I didn't really feel like taking any more, thus  no one else in the family has a picture. I did ask ate Chrisa though, but I don't know why I didn't take pictures of the kids or my parents while they were cooking...
We were in a hurry at the flower show because we were going to go shopping! Somehow because of shopping, my life has been going by super fast haha a trip to Delaware that usually takes 3 hours? We made it in like 2 hrs. and some minutes! and it was raining too!  Not going to lie, scariest car ride I have ever been in, just because I have this phobia about hydroplaning. Read Left Neglected and you will be terrified of it too! Its by Lisa Genova. Anyway, I'm so off topic haha we went shopping and that took us forever. The kids both got toys, because their grandparents just couldn't let them not get the transformers and the football! Of course not! haha They're so spoiled! but so am I haha Well anyway, that same day, the afternoon, my parents let me convince them to go to the Korean store/market we used to go to all the time, until a new Asian store opened up. Of course, I was told about how the prices were so much cheaper at the other store were. Although the food in the store were much more expensive and the store is a little bit further, my parents still went along with my wishes :) The other store's mangoes aren't usually as green or as hard as the ones in the Korean store, and only the Korean store sells bulgogi, at least its the only one I know haha Bulgogi has been my savior for two days straight, when my mom cooked something that I wasn't really in the mood for, I just had to cook a few pieces of bulgogi, and my dinner was good! :) I was going to blog about what I bought and such, but maybe on another day...maybe when I wear them! :)


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