Cyris' 5th Birthday

What I do to keep myself from being bored! I'm kind of proud haha

I thought that would come out way better haha

Loving Lolo made the table for his first grandson! :)   As if Cyris didn't already know what he was getting, they still covered his eyes 

Lolo and his grandsons :)

This would have been a cute picture had the egg rolls not been so close to the cupcake...

Brother teaching me how certain angles make him look better...

Family time is always fun! :) After this we have gone out to eat a couple of times together. I don't want this to stop, specially since it really just started this year. I hope that if and when I do go to college (hopefully Albright!!) family dinners will still be something we do, when I visit! I'm actually squealing right now, every time I think of Albright and going there! Ahhh :) I'm so excited and it will be the best day of my life if and when I finally go to school there. Anyway, I love that these family dinners have been more usual than rare. If our trip to the Philippines does pull through, I will be the happiest person ever! :)


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