Flower Show


I wish we had more time, I would have wanted to know the name of the flowers I was taking pictures of! 
As if Just Go With It didn't already make me want to go vacation in Hawaii, this place setting is amazing!

Aren't the flowers so pretty? They're native to Hawaii :) At least I think haha
It looked like such a good picture while I was at the show, until I realized that the lights were showing :(
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If I didn't tell you I was at a flower show, could I have convinced you  that I was in Hawaii?  :)

I'm in love with this picture, I think it's so pretty, the colors are just so perfect. <3

I want to have my wedding in Hawaii now, haha but first I have to find a guy willing to marry me :)

The most amazing thing is that other than putting my name on the pictures, I didn't at all edit any of them :)
The Philadelphia Skyline looked so surreal that day. 

Something to know about the Philadelphia Flower Show at the Convention Center is that it is indeed a pretty show, but be prepared to have money, and lots of it when you go! It was my first time to see the show, so I didn't know what to expect(my sister has seen the show a couple of times with her boyfriend but she forgot how pricey it was) I didn't get to take a picture of the ticket or the sign with the ticket prices...from what I remember, the Family Fun Pack(the one we picked) is $75 the adult individual tickets are $32, student tickets are $22, and kids are $17, I think. In our group was my sister, kuya Ferdie, our two nephews, and me. We picked the Family Fun Pack for obvious reasons, if we paid individually, just the three adults (I'm included in this count now! I am an adult :] ) would have gone over the price of the Family Fun Pack, and then we would have had to pay for another $34 for the kids, that is just way too much! I believe there is still a week left to go see the Flower Show, so if anyone out there who lives in the Philadelphia Area wants to go see flowers, you can still go! :) I believe the show moves on from Philadelphia on the 11th of March 2012.  Don't feel weird about bringing your camera at all, that's how I felt haha. You can so tell I'm a new at this haha Everywhere I turned there was a bigger camera than mine, so I didn't feel like such a photographer :)


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