First Half of my birthday...

Presents from Ate Chrisa :)
This is my second present, my first one was given to me a while ago haha I love all of the things ate Chrisa gave me :) Too bad those shoes don't fit...Ate Mag gave me my birthday present a while ago and I'll put the picture of it soon :)
My unappetizing creation for my birthday lunch haha
Ate Ghie's present, wow, she definitely knows how to make me cry...Here's the message that went along with the picture...
Happy 18th Birthday my baby Sissy,
18 years ago, we were blessed to have you in our lives,
You were so small yet you bring huge happiness in our hearts.
May you continue to bring happiness not only to us but to the whole world.
May God bless you on your big day.
Always remember Kuya Benj, Sab and I will always be here for you.
We love you ♥
I love you too, a lot! 18 years ago, I earned another mom, you were always there for me, for my spelling bees, my school competitions, and times when I just needed to learn something new...You taught me the right morals and taught me how to be patient and become the better person when you told me to ignore the people in my Spelling Bee team, after having found out that I was yelled at by the other members, you gave them the dirtiest stare, a look that would have scared me to death haha You taught me that I didn't have to resort to name calling or violence...You taught me how to have fun while cleaning, though that lesson I didn't seem to retain haha You taught me that people will always be there for me when I fall to help me stand back up, remember that guy at the escalator? Probably not haha I guess what I'm trying to say, after being super repetitive, is that you taught me a lot, more than you ever imagined. Thank you so much, I hope I can teach Sab the same things you have taught me in the future :)


gimmelle said…
Now it's my turn to cry... LOLz yeah I remember the escalator guy. (ali ke akalingwan ita hehe) I was so scared then I thought something bad might happen to you. You are my baby sis and I will alwways be here for you. I remember when you were all leaving for the US you were the only person who made me cry. I was holding back the tears and was trying to be brave for MOm, Dad and everybody, but when you hugged me and called my name I started crying. And now I can;t beleive how time flies. Now you're 18. I never thought that I was able to teach you a lot of good things. COntinue to be the good person that I know of. Always pray to the Lord I will see you soon.
Chariz said…
Sana talaga you can be here by the time I at least graduate college...You've missed all my other graduations, its only right that you be there for my college graduation, if it happens, hopefully it will :)
gimmelle said…
hopefully... and let's pray it will happen. Ali mu graduation rites ing gawan ku. I will help you in your college tuition too...

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