My sister told me that after reading my blog entries from two years ago, and maybe some from a year ago as well, she noticed the change in my tone.  No longer are my posts depressing and uninspiring/uninspired she said that now they are much more accepting and much more optimistic. I know they have a long way to go before they become inspiring, but they have gotten more and more inspired. I thought senior year and high school in general, has taught me to become jaded and bitter. Apparently not, well hopefully not. I don't desire a thousand page views per month, although it would feel great, at this point I just want constructive criticism. My sister's judgement, although important, can sometimes be a little very biased. I am practically her first daughter! So to anyone who may have stumbled upon my blog, feel free to leave a comment, any comment, but constructive criticisms are most preferred.

Who knew I could write something like that in a loud high school cafeteria? :)  Its probably one of the greatest reasons why the teacher on cafeteria duty every CDE days loves me :)


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