Persona Essay from Junior Year

People say that my name tells a lot about me, but the truth is it tells me something about you as well.  The way you say my name tells me with what kind of tone I should address you. I can be the daughter, sister, friend, niece, aunt, or student that I am.  I am Chariz Nicdao. In the course of seven days, I take on six different personae. My personae aren’t all that different, I am who I am, but different people call for different expressions. It would be an overkill to write about all six of my personae, so I will only expand on three of the most important roles I take on, daughter, friend, and student. Six personae but only one person, yes that is I, Chariz Nicdao.
When someone calls me Cha or Cha-riz, I know to be the daughter and sister that I am.  As the fourth daughter and fifth child, a lot is expected of me. Around my parents, I’m relaxed but careful at the same time. They are approachable enough that I can joke with them, especially my dad. Throughout the years, I have proved to my parents that I am a respectful and obedient daughter who works really hard at achieving her goals. They know that I am not the type of rebellious teenager they hear about or have had to discipline, so trusting me has always been easy for them. They also know that I am a lot classier than those of my age who constantly disrespect and disobey their parents by talking back, so my parents always expect me to be respectful to them. The opinions of my parents are very important to me, so being a good sister, aunt, and niece as well as a good daughter are results of my parents’ teaching me well. I am not a perfect daugther, but I do try to be the person I can be.
Chariz, that is how I am called by my friends, my name just rolls of their tongues, and when I hear this, I know to be the understanding, loyal, and trustworthy friend that I hope I am. I go by the idea of “only getting back what you put into a relationship,” so if I want loyal, understanding, and trustworthy friends, I know to be one myself. With my friends, I shed the image of the shy girl and instead replace that with the loud and bubbly girl my friends know me to be.  I shake off all the stress and problems I encounter through school or my family when I’m with my friends.
Hearing someone say my name slowly and carefully, I know to be respectful and understanding, it is most likely a mentor of mine.  Being a student is not the least important role I play, but it is the role I most have to try at. Its not being someone I’m not, but being someone I know I can be. As a student, I push myself to the limit and persevere to be the best I can be. Education has always been important to me. My values and principles have made me appreciate the education that I receive, each day at school is an opportunity to learn something new, and I make sure to fulfill each opportunity. Education is a privilege that I have been granted and it is one I will take advantage of, I have lived in a country where education is not free for everyone, and I have witnessed what lack of education can lead to; I don’t ever plan to go down that path. I love the feeling of learning something new, and I believe that this college will provide me with the best learning experience as a student with a major in Sociology.
I hope that you can give me a chance to prove my capabilities and help me mature into a better person. By taking Sociology as a major, I believe that I am helping society in the best way I can, and I hope that your professors can be my mentors. I hope that by reading this, I have enlightened you about the life I live. I am Chariz Nicdao, the girl who aspires to be the obedient daughter, understanding friend, and possibly a responsible student of your college in the Fall of 2012.

That was my persona essay from Junior Year, I just tweaked it a little bit so I could use it as a college essay :)


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