Unappreciated & Frustrated

There are plenty of times when I just can't help but feel unappreciated. Times when I do the laundry and all I get is complaints because someone else has to fold or complaints because I dumped it on their bed...sorry, I'm just trying to do my job and I know since it's my job, I shouldn't care, but the fact that I thanked you for doing your job, should have made you think twice or at least have made you say the same thing. I am not some object that doesn't have feelings, just because you're mad at your world doesn't mean that I necessarily did something so annoying to you that you see it fit to put such feelings on me. If you haven't forgotten, all you did today was go on your date, I actually babysat, did the laundry and worked that craft show & no, I don't just go to school, school has barely been fun for me these past few days, instead of being fun, school has been torture, every little thing finding some way to annoy me. Every little thing making me feel worse about myself, every little thing making me feel unwanted and unappreciated.


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