Getting over it...

No matter how much I try, seeing the pictures of me with alopecia still make me very regretful and bitter. Specially the days when I was in California, there were a lot of pictures taken and I unfortunately looked terrible in a lot of them because of the alopecia. I did look very happy though. On the other hand, it gives me a lot of opportunities to top that trip and the pictures taken. It also made me realize that a vacation is truly what everyone needs to get over things. After my trip to California, the growth of my hair definitely accelerated. It is also thanks to my second Dermatologist who made me get better, he really knew what he was doing. I just have to convince my parents to let  me see him again soon. School has been driving me crazy, and my body has targeted my hair follicles again! This is the reason why I honestly cannot be a nurse, I would surely lose all my hair.
I will try to save all the money I have to be able to take such a trip again, or just beg one of my cousins to send me somewhere again...just kidding :)
Hopefully that internship will be mine this summer, it will be the best way to earn money: gain experience and make my resume look more appealing to colleges!
I also have to convince my sister to take me somewhere over spring break so I can take pictures and have my pictures taken...


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