I find it very rude for people to ridicule people for making mistakes, and I had one tiny little mistake, and it is because I think faster than I type. Honestly, for a junior who goes to my school, one mistake is pretty good, yeah a perfect paragraph would have been great but I'm human who goes to school with people who can't even spell. To tell you the truth, if I was to go grammar police on you, all your sentences would have markings, you don't even capitalize the first letters of the first word of your new sentences. So yes, I am bitter, not because you are right but because you found it necessary to put me down with what you believe against what I do, but to magnify my mistakes just put me on the edge. Yes, I know that I have probably made fun of someone for a mistake they have made but I don't go as far as to magnify it and post it on the internet, obviously, other people saw my mistake. Congratulations, now people know you're better at grammar than me!

"But someday I'll be living in a big old city and all you're ever going to be is mean." -Taylor Swift :) Thanks Taylor haha


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