Craft Show

I worked my school's craft show today and it was slow. I had fun talking to a fellow Bio student who, like me, was struggling to get the A we were hoping to get...At the end of the day, we both were assigned to give out pretzels, and when we were, a lady told us that no one bought anything from her at all and what she was selling really did make me think twice why no one did, so I told her the truth, I haven't been able to look around yet. The only problem is that I didn't look around after we finished giving out pretzels, I didn't walk around because after giving out pretzels, my French teacher gave me other things to do, but if I really wanted to, I could have asked her if I could look at some stuff first. So, even if it can only happen in a million years, I'm sorry, to the lady who was selling shirts and dresses who I told I would check out. I'm truly sorry. I shouldn't have said it if I was just going to forget....


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