I should have said I was thankful for water yesterday, I have to live without it for tonight and tomorrow morning! I don't know what to do, I enjoy and love my showers! I might just use the bottled water we have to brush my teeth with...but I can't do anything about the shower.  Before anything else happens tonight or anytime in the near future, I'm again thankful for...

  • electricity
  • bottled water
  • my cell phone :)
  • my clothes
  • having friends
  • having cooperative hair (most of the time)
  • my hair growing back!
  • my sister's itouch (I can't play scrabble with friends without it!!)
  • my comforter!!!
  • my bed (the thing I don't ever leave, its so welcoming and tempting,,,I actually said no to shopping in exchange of more time with my bed today :)
tumblr and this blog :) I'm going crazy not going on facebook, I'm already feeling out of the loop and it hasn't even been a day yet..
 Back to water, I don't know how others can survive without water, I love it, and I need it badly! I kind of wish we had a pump now, or a well :) If we had a well, I would always be taking pictures of it and singing,feeling like Snow White or Cinderella <3 and Danielle DeBarbarac :)

How would I live if we didn't have water for more than a day? My family, at least still has bottled water, so yay for the possibility of getting dehydrated not being a problem! :)


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