Things to be thankful for...

  • I'm not completely sick! half my family is very sick, specially ate Chrisa :(
  • I'm not homeless
  • I can eat whatever I want to when I get hungry
  • I can study in a school
  • I have clothes that can protect me from the harsh weather
  • I have a loving family
  • I can walk
  • I'm healthy
  • I'm not being beaten/attacked
  • I have a house with heat
  • I'm not bullied
  • I have some money
  • I have parents
  • I have resources that I need
  • I can read and write
  • I have a computer
  • I have not had any traumatic experiences
  • I can drive
  • I sometimes have a car to drive
  • I have a cellphone
  • I have a good relationship with my parents and siblings (most of the time)
  • I have people who outwardly show their love for me!
  • I feel alone/lonely only for a short period of time, someone or something always makes me feel better.
  • I'm Alive


Gimmelle said…
Additional items that should be posted here:

You are Beautiful
You have a pretty sister who always checks your blog...(that's me) hehe
You have Sabrina, Lexis, and Arien as your niece and nephew.
You are Smart
You have a PC and internet accesss.
You were given a decide where to study (YOu got 3 choices ehrm)
You are about to graduate from HS.
there are a lot of things to add but I think one thing that you should thank for is You have a LOVING GOD who loves you so much.

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