"Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect, it just means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections."

             Honestly, I have no idea who said this, and at this point in the night, I really don't feel like looking it up...sorry. It really goes with how I feel. I know I was complaining about certain friends yesterday, but the truth is life would be so much harder without them, even though I barely get to talk to certain people anymore, like how I really want to, I still appreciate the little things they say to me during the day, otherwise I would be the lonely girl in the corner. I sound absolutely bipolar, maybe I have a tiny little bit of it...I don't know, sounds possible honestly. I don't hate my friends, I hate the way I feel with them, I know its not really their fault, I know I probably make it sound like they're super terrible, but they aren't, I'm really frustrated and annoyed with the fact that I'm not someone's person, I know I can't expect to be someone's priority, and I don't expect that, I just don't expect to be second in line every time either. Its difficult for me to say what I really mean, sometimes what I want to say is not how I say it...I totally can relate to some girls who sound shallow and petty because they can't explain themselves the way they mean to...I know a girl who always seems elitist, racist, and just plain naive because she explains things in the worst possible way, I totally understand how she must feel. Wow, all that from a little quote, I'm terrible at staying in topic....If you actually read through this ramble/rant, you're amazing! Then again, you're most likely my oldest sister, so you automatically are amazing! :) <3 Goodnight


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