Two  years ago, my brother's family :) My sister-in-law was pregnant with her second son during this trip <3
Two years ago, with Cyris.

On the way there...

On the way home...they were so hyper still, Lex  did fall asleep a few minutes after this.
 My aunt and uncle rented out a beach house for the week so my sister and I, along with our nephews  went to the beach with them, but went back home after one day. My brother would not have been happy if we kept his kids from him. lol It was a lot of fun and although I was just getting over feeling sick, I still enjoyed myself. Thanks auntie and uncle! Not that they'll be reading this anytime soon haha or ever. It was Lexis' first time at the beach, but he was not scared at all by the water. They truly had a blast, they made sand castles stuff and had fun in a little part of the beach that had water, it was a strip of water, sand, then the shoreline.. They didn't want to go home, even when it was quite obvious that they were both getting cold...I'm glad that my sister forced convinced  me to go now, so thanks Ate Mag! :) I'm glad that I was there with you for Lexis' first time at the beach and your first time driving to the beach. <3 It did get quite scary at one point, it was thundering and lightning on our way back. At least we didn't experience the hail that apparently happened back home.

Taken on the way home, i don't know what it is about it but I love this picture...weird huh? haha
I like this one too :)

I love these pictures :)

Thanks again, auntie, uncle, ate, and noreen :)


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