I just need support.

During times like these, I just want to shout Get Over It to my parents, but I know it will be the most disrespectful thing I would ever do if I did it. I already feel bad for even thinking about it, it just sucks because each time they talk to me about nursing, I get frustrated and I get the feeling of disappointment from them. Sure they weren't the kind of parents who made sure I got the best grades in class or else, but the way they say their opinions to me now is just annoying. The way my mom is always saying how far I can get in nursing or the medical field, and only in that field will I get far really bothers me. Sociology and other majors can also get people "rich," it's not that my parents are materialistic, they just want me to succeed in life, I understand that. I've even tried making them feel sympathetic and I feel guilty for wanting to make them feel bad when I asked them why they chose education when they were in my shoes, years ago. I only wanted them to say that they picked education because it is the course they wanted. Of course that wasn't the answer I got. It turns out my father wanted to learn more about technology and stuff like that, it shouldn't be a surprise really, since even now he shows an interest in them. Apparently his parents and siblings told him to be an educator since everyone else before him chose different fields or something like that, I don't really remember. Its probably why it is always my dad now who makes my mom stop when he sees that I start to cry when my mom has harassed me enough about the medical field. It doesn't mean that he hasn't tried to change my mind, though. My mom on the other hand, gave me a whole lecture about the time being different then and something like that. I truly understand, my family, cousins and aunts included, just want to see me be successful in life, all I really need right now is support from them, but that's not exactly what I'm getting. I guess the lack of support can be my motivation for when I hopefully become successful, my family can finally show their full support for me. Hopefully I can be a good example to the family that one doesn't need to go into the medical field to be successful. I probably seem like the most stubborn Nicdao in the family right now and as much as I'd rather not be, it is truly my biggest fear to just do what they want me to do, I don't want to make decisions based on their opinions. I just really don't want to live my life knowing there was something else for me that I had the chance to explore. If I don't succeed in Sociology, of course it would be disappointing to me, but at least I can live life without the regret. No matter how old I become, I know that it will never be a regret of mine that I didn't take nursing.


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