They say high school goes by really fast, and because of how much it's said, I thought it couldn't really be true, and that some people just say because they are already so old and they're memories of it are just not complete. There were definitely moments when high school seemed to drag on forever, when you had to see people five days a week even though you would really have rather not. I definitely won't forget those moments when everyone, myself included, would say I can't wait for the real world....or I can't wait for college...we all have our reasons of course, I constantly told some of my friends, and really believed that college would be way more fun than high school, for one, it would just be the people who truly want to learn, people who truly appreciate learning...otherwise, they're just wasting their money paying for a class that won't do them any good to be in...the second reason is that some people get away with so much in high school, and there are just so much disturbances and what not...if a student is falling asleep in class or has fallen asleep in class, the teacher is required to send him/her to the nurse for a drug test, I think, it never really happened, worst thing that could happen to a sleeping student for my classes was that they'd be woken up by the teacher and he/she would be embarrassed or find it embarrassing. If an administrator were also to walk by and see that a student has fallen asleep in class, the teacher could also get in trouble...student's punishments aren't always so harsh, usually its the teacher who receives the harsher punishments, or so I've heard. The third reason I couldn't wait for college is because of the independence I could gain from it. Fourth and best reason would be that I could start over, since there are so many colleges in America, the chances of me going to the same college as anyone else from my school is very slim, and it's true, no one else from Highland is going to Albright...I can't really talk about what different experiences I will have in college, but I know that high school will change a person. It may not be the kind of person you envisioned yourself to be in four years, if you're reading this as an incoming freshman, but it will be the kind of person who you have to be for that time being, sooner or later, you will know why you had to go through everything, how the person you become after college will shape or develop you into a better person...just hopefully it's sooner rather than later.


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