August 3, 2012

Since I didn't have internet access at the time, and the need to get my feelings out was great, I resorted to writing things down again :) I actually kept it up for a while too, but after like two days, I stopped haha but it was nice to write stuff down...well anyway, here goes
"I feel like I haven't written in a while, although I blogged just a few days ago, a week, actually. I haven't written anything down on paper, and seeing my hand writing is different than the perfect letters that pop up after I hit the keys on the keyboard. Life has been different, for a lack of a better word. Reality has caught up with me, and I'm really starting to realize how big the changes I'm soon going to experience are. Seeing new people on a daily basis, sharing the same bathroom stalls, everything is going to feel foreign. I will be alone to speaking Kapampangan, and even Tagalog will be missed. Obviously I won't always stay on campus during the weekends, but it will definitely be a drastic change. No more rice on a daily basis as well, unless I eat Mediterranean food everyday, and even then, it isn't the same kind of rice. It's going to be more intimidating than my move to New Jersey, even though New Jersey and Angeles City, Philippines are as different as different gets. I, at least, had people to share the feeling of being scared with. College is all on me, and the pressure to be successful is even greater now. It's pretty scary, I know sociology majors probably won't get anywhere without a doctorate, but I'm going to have to find the perfect job before I graduate, four years (hopefully three) from now. "


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