I learned recently that feeling clueless about anything and everything can really be helpful, yes, at that point, it feels like you've honestly hit rock bottom, when you feel like you have absolutely nothing in you that can be useful for you, (if that makes any sense) but that moment is what drives you to reach out, to try to assess and figure out what might have gone wrong, and where you truly went wrong. When you feel clueless, you can't afford to be in denial, you stop being in denial when you hit "rock bottom". Being clueless actually isn't when you've hit "rock bottom" though, hitting rock bottom is when you absolutely have no one to reach out to, it's when even you have lost faith in yourself, when you've burned all your bridges. Getting to a point in your life when you just find yourself at a lost, isn't the worst thing that could happen. It's a point in your life where you can start over again, the past was not completely a failure, it can still serve as a lesson. the future, although bleak and unknown, can still be "shaped" to your liking. You found a lot of different ways to do something the wrong way, now you can continue to go down that road, or try a different one, no matter what, know in yourself what your limits are, don't force yourself to do something just to prove people wrong. Prove yourself wrong by sticking to your principles and still finding your way to success :) It's okay to be wrong, it's the only sure way to know when something is truly right for you.


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