Mommy's Birthday This Year

Mommy's Birthday this year was equally as much fun as her celebration of it last year. The food was also very was probably more so because of our chef! He was very entertaining and he definitely knew what he was doing, he made Cyris laugh countless of times and made my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing too much! It was my first time there and I absolutely enjoyed it. It wasn't our first choice but it was probably the best second choice ever, had we gone to our original restaurant of choice, we probably would have not laughed as much...We would laugh but only because of the funny stories everyone would tell, otherwise it would be just like a normal outing, people talking about different things around the table since there are so much of us now.  We didn't take too many pictures this time because we took two different cars and spent half the time driving, waiting, and being entertained by our chef :) I hope I didn't miss some pictures, its such a hassle to try to figure out which pictures are in which collage so I didn't even try this time.


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