Mommy's Birthday Last Year

Mommy's Birthday last year was really great, most of these pictures are from last year, there are probably only 3 or four pictures from mommy's birthday this year....I love it when my family has dinners like this, just us, its the greatest way to bond, I wish we took the time out of our lives to do this more and enjoy each others company...we don't even need to go somewhere special, as long as we are all together and not distracted by technology, unless its me taking pictures using our digital camera haha.
Minado is my favorite buffet in Pennsylvania, its the only one I know in Pennsylvania, but if it was in New Jersey, it wold be my favorite :) The saddest part is how far it is from where I live, no one really likes to drive that long, even for the sake of food.  It's also not the cheapest buffet in the area haha. I'm happy I was even given the chance to eat there once though! I want to go there again, the food was really really well prepared, it was delicious and looked good too! and worth the money my parents and my brother paid for haha.


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