Flowers! :)

The day before homecoming has always been a flower day for my school, but it is the first time that I received flowers :) Although none of the flowers I received were from guys, I still loved them nonetheless. They represent my closest friends. I received three, and being the kind of person I am, I spent a lot of my Friday night taking pictures of the flowers haha. Here are some of the pictures:

 By doing this little "photoshoot," I did two things that I enjoyed, taking pictures and playing with flowers, I always wanted to be a florist (as a side job) The pictures may not look too well done, but I'm really really proud of how they turned out :) I didn't edit them other than putting my name in the pictures! Thanks again to my friends who gave me the flowers(Karen, Maria, and Fallon) All of you made me happier than you could imagine, these are my favorite pictures that I have taken by far :)


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