Last year's homecoming

friends I went with

Nothing has changed, not too much anyway, I still have the same group of friends, and I obviously still love taking pictures :) The only thing is who is behind the camera now, and the fact that I did the little pictorial after all alone...and my friends were all driving already! Taylor drove me home and it felt so weird, I can't believe we're all so old haha. It doesn't feel like it was just last year that I was still close to one of my friends, really close...and it seems like it wasn't last year at all when I had to wear that wig because I didn't have too much hair...I definitely prefer real hair over wigs, even the real hair wigs don't feel the same. They don't look the same either...Obviously, I'm pretty vain too haha. I only like taking pictures of myself when I'm made up though, and that is only on certain occasions so I'm not as vain as others...at least I like to think so haha


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