Weddings! :)

I am a loser who stays at home on Friday nights, there is no other way to say it. I am not like other girls who can go out and party while keeping her grades, but that's a different story...
Today I spent at least five hours of my day just watching wedding videos by Jason Magbanua and Paper Crane Productions. These videographers are beyond amazing with what they do. Personally, I tend to enjoy Paper Crane videos more and the great scenery in their videos might be a big reason for my tendency of favoring their videos.  Most of the videos of Paper Crane are shot in Australia, since that's where the company is based while most videos of  Jason Magbanua are shot in various locations in the Philippines. Jason Magbanua doesn't really do a lot of scenes outside of the rooms where the groom and bride to bes get ready, the church, and reception. I may be wrong though, I may have just watched the wrong videos...Either one of them said that they capture the precious moments for people and that is how they truly help people out. They utilize their talents to make a days memory last for a lifetime for the groom and bride as well as those who are in attendance and are part of the video... I especially love when they do some kind of pre-wedding video, this way, the viewer gets more of an insight to the love story the people have. One day I would love to be able to say that I realize what I do for people, I cannot be like firefighters or doctors who are constantly saving people from the brinks of death...I cannot be any one in the defensive part of a community either because surely, I will just put the citizens' life in danger more if I join.  I am not made to help people in that way, I seriously think and wish that one day I can say I helped someone who may have felt terrible and lost find their way to serenity and peace.  Videographers and photographers alike are able to help people out in their own way, a way I so desperately hope I can also do.
           The five hours or so that I spent watching the videos, I have learned a lot, I have learned how to be a perfectionist when it comes to my own wedding, if I have one...(hopefully I will, although I was not the little girl who planned her wedding and made Barbie & Ken go through it, I have now been feeling the excitement and happiness people having their wedding feel. I honestly cannot wait until one of my sisters get married. I will make sure that they will let me have an active part in their wedding, I will give up a lot of my time just to be able to contribute. Seriously, though, I have realized which colors I want to have as motifs if my husband would let me of course, (but that won't be known until ten or so years from now hopefully), the set up of the church/reception, either one must have stairs, and maybe a balcony my husband and I can go on after the wedding. My entrance into the church will be dramatic but not too dramatic, the doors must open so that the guests do not see the people who open it for me...I would prefer my reception to be somewhere kind of like a tent where the ceiling is made up of silky material that reflect pink and purple colors throughout the venue(if that makes sense). My bridesmaid will have pretty dresses that flatter everyone's body type...and I will not mix two shades of the same color for their dresses. My bouquet will be pretty and colorful, my veil will not be too short but also not too long, my bridal party will not consist of a lot of people because too much people takes away the specialness of their duties, and I don't have that much friends anyway...The churches I have seen in the videos all seem so perfect, I think as long as it's not a shabby looking church, it is a perfect venue. I even appreciate the old architecture of the churches, specially the ones I have seen in the Philippines, but a beach wedding does not seem that bad, perhaps a beach wedding for some kind of year anniversary...So all my choices will only be fulfilled if:
1. I find a Boyfriend.
2. I have enough money to pay for anything(just the pre-wedding video will cost me my parents' whole savings as of now)
3.find a Guy who is crazy enough to want to marry me :)


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