Junior Prom is tomorrow yet I'm not at all excited.
I'm not excited because it just isn't very promising.
I wasn't really all that excited in the first place, even when prom was in January. It just seems like prom is so exaggerated that when prom was about to happen for me, none of the magic that everyone in movies or stories feel was felt by me. It isn't anything else but a dance out of the school gym or cafeteria, if your school is like mine, where homecoming and freshman and sophomore dances are. Instead of Homecoming queen or Freshmen Princess and Sophomore Queen, it's Prom King and Queen, otherwise, what else is different?

Being sixteen or seventeen perhaps? or perhaps the not so romantic idea of doing "it" after?
To tell you the truth, if I probably had more friends and plans after prom I would be more excited, but the truth is, I don't really have that much friends, and none of them really like me. None of them would choose me over the others, none of them I could tell everything to. Well I thought I did, but I realized recently, that it was all just me thinking so. A sleepover with a lot of people who like each other I know sounds more appealing than having a sleep over with just me, I understand.
Now, I can only look forward to dancing for three hours in a long dress looking very pretty, at least that is my plan for tomorrow. Hopefully everything goes will be just my luck though if it doesn't right?
I needed a place to vent and since no one knows of this website, I figured I could just go here and I gave up twitter for lent...


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