Junior Prom

Like expected, people were practically doing it on the dance floor. What I didn't expect though was to actually have fun. The whole issue with not knowing what to do after was solved, I was supposed to sleep over my friend's house but somehow it just got to a point where we both didn't care anymore and I think we just both wanted to get into our beds....
I danced like my life depended on it, I danced all the awkwardness away haha and boy, was there a lot of awkward moments during the night.
There was the whole reminder of not having a date, starting with pictures with friends to slow songs (which for a prom, was not a lot) Then there was the "grinding" where couples just made it awkward to start dancing. I was so reluctant to start dancing, specially since I was surrounded by couples.
Then there was the reminder of how much I wasn't exactly part of their group, they are really nice people but it's obvious how much closer everyone else is with each other than with me.
With all the awkward situations aside, prom was way too short, with everything all the juniors had to go through, fifty days of anticipation after the first phase of anticipation for what was supposed to be junior prom in January, we would deserved more time than what we were given, even just thirty more minutes would have been good with us. It's safer that way anyway, if we were inside the Merion dancing there, we would be supervised and everything would be good, alcohol isn't present and there are no rooms people could escape to. After prom is always a dangerous time for teens, with all the parties and driving while intoxicated...from what I hear anyway, it isn't like I would seriously know. Well I know about the parties and the alcohol but I'm not really sure if there are people in my school who are stupid and ignorant enough to drive while intoxicated, they should at least be responsible and stay where they are for the night in order to keep themselves and other people safe.
I honestly didn't understand the concept of wanting to wear a short dress at prom, specially with how cold it was outside, not that it stopped anyone from wearing long dresses that exposed just about everything other than the thigh...well mine only exposed my back and a little bit of the top portion of my body, and I mean a minuscule portion of the upper half of my body. Actually, I was wrong, there were other girls who had slits all the way to their thighs...the worst thing you could do at any kind of formal dance like that is wear a short skirt and converses! It isn't understandable when you wear that to a dance that is in the cafeteria or the school gym but to wear that to the Merion! That took the classiness out of everything, she might as well have just stayed home...and I get that it isn't her junior prom but still, she could have been classy enough to be courteous to her date and wear something that fits the occasion.
Overall, prom was fun for me...there were a few people who seemed to have just gone there just to go, and they went home early so they didn't bother me too much. The only other sad part for me, other than leaving, was not getting pictures with my cousin, I'm sorry, I really wanted to, I just couldn't make it...I need a lot of make up...there is no going around that fact. But I felt beautiful last night and the memories that were made will last a life time :) It sounds overly cliched but whatever, it is what it is.


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