"We accept the love we think we deserve." ~Stephen Chbosky Perks of Being A Wallflower
This quote has been really bothering me today...I can only hope that it was said in a positive way, lessons in Sociology are already starting to get to me...you can't judge something from just one source or you can't understand too many things out of context. Anyway....it is a surprisingly welcome phrase to be stuck in my head, I find the quote very true, and it is kind of a better way to look at things, it's because I'm not letting people in, with the notion that "they are too good" for me or that "they are out of my league," usually, that leaves me with no one...I don't really know if it's possible that someone may have found me attractive, but found the confidence in myself very insufficient and couldn't deal with that....It's a positive thought stuck between all my pessimistic ones...Hopefully it's true, and there is someone truly out there for me, and I will not end up merely being in the background being the best friend who doesn't quite find anyone...I will definitely try to keep these thoughts in my head and convince myself that I am not destined to be a jealous wench because she doesn't have a happy enough love life :) Of all the phrases to get stuck in my head, I'm happy this is the one today :)


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