November 16, 2011 was my school's National Honor Society Induction, being a senior, I didn't really think too much of it, it was just going to be an assembly I had to sit through for one hour or so.  Tonight was different, of course it was, otherwise I wouldn't find the need to blog about it haha. Tonight, we had our former principal as our key note speaker, our former principal is different from the past principals I have had.  He is not the kind of principal that you only saw during assemblies or graduation, he also wasn't one who you saw in the hallway and gave a formal greeting to, he was everyone's friend. Mr. Palatucci. Knowing that, I knew that his speech was not going to be as generic and boring as those of others' I made sure to pay attention to his. Truthfully, even if I didn't know him at all, I would have been wowed by his speech nonetheless. He told us to recite and sing with him the words to "Row Row Your Boat" and each verse, he analyzed the possible meaning that a person could take it as...the best line was "row your boat" he explained the importance of rowing our boats and living our lives. It truly is much simpler this way. We have enough worries in our lives to bother with others'. Who cares if some of the girls barely had clothes to cover their body with at an Honor Society Event, who cares if someone went silly string crazy? As long as it doesn't affect me, it shouldn't matter too much to me and it definitely should not consume any of my time. I need to learn how to row my own boat more, I never realized how badly I let others' actions get to me, until that night when Mr. Palatucci said that line, I had not noticed anything, and the morning after that when I had a discussion with someone about a job I wanted to apply to and how they would make me work until closing time...It absolutely irked me to no end when she started naming ways of why it was illegal and what not, even after I said drop it, she wouldn't so I, no lie, said, "I'm just going to row my own boat." and gave her a really big smile... It definitely got the point across. Thanks Mr. Palatucci! :)


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