Other Half of my birthday

So  we went bowling, it was a ton of fun, people said they couldn't go the last minute and some people left early, but other than that everything was perfect! :) Actually, even with people not staying/going, it was perfect :) Fallon   sang at the top of her lungs, it was funny and made me feel truly not alone haha It made up for all the other birthdays I've spent just having people over the house, as fun as it is to be with family and everyone my parent know, its also fun to just have my closest friends to celebrate with, I'll be with all the cousins tomorrow anyway! :) At least I know I tried to hang out and invite him at least once, at least now I know that it will never work out...its finally time to accept things...I got amazing gifts and really pretty cards! :) <3 I love my friends and I want other times like these...Is it wrong to want this day to happen all the time? :) Everyday like this would be awesome, even with the first few hours being a little annoying, what with people cancelling last minute...Somehow we also didn't take a group picture haha


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