Easter 2011

Easter was all about the kids, as all holidays should be. I am Catholic, so it was also about Jesus. The kids had a lot of fun playing with the water guns, egg hunting, and attempting to play softball. The adults and teenagers on the other hand, had fun eating! :)  The weather was gorgeous, and it was a great day, but the night time was scary, as far as I remember anyway.  My sister edited a lot of them on her facebook but there is just something about a picture before being edited, I don't mind it if the color scheme is different while you're taking it, but I want to somehow be able to make the picture look pretty before playing with the effects on the computer. I want to be able to play with the camera that way. A lot of these pictures are taken by my sister, of course, other than those of her and my nephew, and the hearts were taken by me :) These are all the unedited pictures. Compared to the ones my sisters edited, they do look a little dull, and maybe I will get over my weird feelings and maybe in the future I will upload those that she edited.


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