A Day at the Park

Silliness. Picture taken by me:)

Me, taken by my sister, Chrisa.

My sisters and I. We used the timer :)

Me again, taken by Chrisa :)

taken by Chrisa :)


Chrisa, taken by me.


Mag. Taken by Chrisa

Chariz. Taken by Chrisa.

Chrisa. Taken By Chariz

It was my Spring Break and my sister's day off from work, so she finally granted my wish to go to the park to take pictures :) Our other sister had work that day so she doesn't have as much pictures as Chrisa and I do, but a lot of her pictures turned out well, they just aren't uploaded because I use a desktop, one that won't work with our camera, so I have to use the pictures my sisters felt like putting on facebook.  Obviously, Chrisa is a better photographer than I am, she took most of my other sister's pictures and mine. She is also, out of the three of us, the most photogenic.


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