This time last year

I was struggling to keep up with my History prerequisite (mainly my fault, I didn't really find any joy in reading the material, nor did I really feel the need to truly be a student of the material or the topic).

I was worried about looking for and applying for jobs to have lined up after graduating.

I was possibly already eyeing the AmeriCorps job posts, specially the ones in New Orleans.

I was insecure with the guy I fell for.

This time this year....

I'm worried about a job I currently have not being the right fit for me no matter what I do.

I'm about to go on a trip alone, without parents, cousins, or friends I've known for a fairly long time.

I'm feeling very disconnected to a lot of things

I feel like my life is a mess.

My point is, if there's anyone this post could reach,

     you won't always be stressing about the same things down the road. There are plenty of things to be happy about, and right now, my struggle is trying to find that and focus on that instead of being overwhelmed by everything else going on.


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