So I started a new career with a company that is huge and has been super successful for a really long time. I gained my position solely by luck and by some potential of growth that my manager saw in me. I took it for the opportunity to grow and challenge myself. It was also the first time someone expressed so much trust in my capabilities. My manager was ready to take on this mess because he believed in me in some way.

I believed in him too, so much so that I didn't really think about everything. I'm an introvert by nature and this job, at the root of everything,  is still a sales job. I may have found ways in which I could justify that it is still a branch of social work, but at the end of the day, it's sales in the aspect that we constantly have to find our clients and can't just wait for them to come to us. It's proactive work rather than reactive work.

 The problem with that is that I've been used to dealing with reactive work for the past two years. Social workers will never run out of work because of the reality of our world; someone is always is always being oppressed or at a disadvantage. It's not the same with life insurance and the financial world. Not too many people like to be told that their current financial planning strategies aren't sufficient to reach their financial goals. Sometimes people do actually plan very well, but when they are those kind of people, they become unwilling to hear a different opinion. When it comes to finance, people should get a second or third opinion. It's not smart to just go with one company, there are so many subtle differences in each company, but it could mean so much in the amount of return (I've already gone off on a rant, oh boy).

Part of the company's motivational phrases is to finish exhausted. I'm going to have to say that I took that to heart. The biggest problem with that is that it doesn't always show. As I mentioned, I'm an introvert, so sometimes, social interactions, like say, talking on the phone and setting up appointments with people whom I'm expecting to say no to me, is very very exhausting. I know that I'm supposed to believe that every person I'm calling is going to agree to meeting with me, but that's kind of hard for the girl who expects the worst so she's not disappointed in the end.

Today's motivational line from my manager is to always have small victories...the difference between the two of us is that a small victory for him is the minimum and above, it's setting at least two appointments a day, whereas a small victory for me is talking on the phone without stuttering or saying umm too much. A small victory for me is getting out of the house.

I'm in this for the long run, I truly am because I'm stubborn like that, so I'm hoping that in the next few days I somehow develop more extrovert thinking and characteristics. I don't want to quit. I don't believe in quitting. 


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