Growing Up

A definite big part of growing up is finding out just how flawed everyone could be. Your role model is not perfect, you most definitely will not be perfection. No one can reach the idealized level of perfection they had in their heads when they were younger. Your role model might say just one thing that won't sit well with you and you'll realize just how wrong you were. The person may have the most amazing characteristics, but it doesn't mean that they won't have one thing about them that you just don't agree with. It could be the way they do things or the way they think about certain issues or topics. Growing up means accepting that the idealizations you had when you were younger may not be completely right, but it shouldn't take anything away from those memories. You can't say your childhood has been ruined just because of the realization that even those whom we put on a pedestal can make mistakes. We just have to move on and try to learn from our role model's mistakes or misjudgements. A role model doesn't just have to be someone who lives their lives in the best way, but someone who can teach us what not to do or think in certain situations...It hasn't taken me twenty years to realize this, just twenty years to truly accept it.


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