Unicef tap project

On the off chance that someone stumbles upon my blog, I want you to see something meaningful...more meaningful than my daily thoughts at least. I have a tumblr, and it literally is how I've been finding out about little things that I could do to help out. Alright, so maybe just two ways so far this year, but it's only February!

Dear Reader,
 please go on uniceftapproject.org to help out and let Unicef provide clean water to children in need. It's simple really, all you have to do is go on this website on your phone and follow the instructions, but here's a brief summary by me.

You set your phone down on a table or your bed, anywhere it can't fall and don't pick it up for hours. For every minute that goes by, Unicef provides children and families in need with clean water. It's actually pretty fun because Unicef gives you facts every time a minute passes by. Someone on tumblr suggested doing this when you go to sleep, which is a really good idea since that's at least 7 hours...just make sure you charge your phone.

Here's my idea: do it while you're in class. Some classes go for 50 minutes, 42 minutes, or 75 minutes, that's a lot of minutes that you give to Unicef.  Just make sure you're connected to the wifi and your phone is charged. You might want to tell the professor or teacher too, just to give them a heads up...or just lower your screen light (if you're in college, most professors don't mind if you have your phone in plain sight, as long as you're not on it). I don't know about others, but if I was a professor and a student told me they were going to do it, I would be overjoyed. I'd know for sure that the student isn't going to touch his/her phone, and they're doing something to help out children and families in need.

Challenge yourself, how long can you go without touching your phone?


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