Little Things

I'm absolutely shy. I feel as if it's actually gotten worst as I went on to College. At least in high school, I didn't mind participating. Granted I only did that when I knew that what I had in mind as the answer truly is the correct answer. I guess it's my way of trying to make myself seem perfect..hello inferiority conflex. (first step is acceptance, right? haha)  Anyway, the reason why I thought about blogging today is because for some reason, I felt the need to ask someone that used to be in a class of mine something about a class I am currently taking. He didn't remember me, but I am focusing on the fact that I actually found it in me to even utter words haha. I did stutter...but who cares, right?  I got some feedback about the professor whom I may possibly have in just a few weeks, and I got over a little bit of my shyness, at least for today haha we'll see how things are tomorrow and how things will be with other people. I really do want to become more confident. I used to love the attention...I wouldn't let go of the mic at family parties for goodness sakes, now I can't even stand it if two people are looking at me...I will get there, soon.


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