The Kids

After snow and cold, gloomy days, today was such a great feeling. Fifty something degree weather, and an amazing start. I got to see my nephews and play with them. I was witness to how much my parents will do for those they love. My parents always tried to indulge my nephews with little things every once in a while. The look on my nephews' faces were just so great though, they appreciated every little aspect of the toy. On the way home, the little ones weren't allowed to open their toys and so they just examined every little detail on the packaging of the toy. Lex was so focused on his ninja turtle that he didn't notice anyone when we called his name or tried to talk to him. it was just the most adorable little thing. Cyris was busy trying to explain every thing about his toy and what he could do with it. They are just the cutest and smartest little boys. They have also gotten really witty and just plain honest. I told Cyris, in a teasing way that his grandfather refused to feed me and he said, "You can feed yourself!" Feeling homesick is always much more of a problem when I think about them and remember every cute thing they do. I had told them that I needed to my friend's house and they couldn't follow me around anymore. Lex made my heart melt. He asked if I could bring him with me, and he just had the cutest little face when he asked me that. I stayed a little longer than I had planned to and it was worth it, being with them just a little longer. The most adorable, of course, is  when my parents dropped me off to my friend's house and Cyris asked me whether or not the friend I was visiting was a "he or a she." He's pretty much a protecting little brother in training. I am definitely going to be seeing them more this spring break, no matter what.


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